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Eldon Drug is your hometown pharmacy. We have been around for over 100 years serving the Eldon community. Dennis Bond bought the pharmacy from CB Whitney in the 80s and owned it for 30 years. Miranda Henley purchased the pharmacy from Dennis in 2013 after working for Eldon Drug since 2002 when she was in high school. Eldon Drug has been a staple in the community providing many services including retail pharmacy, long term care pharmacy, compounding, medical equipment and a gift shop. We are continuing to evolve and change our services as needed for the Eldon community. We hope to continue to be a presence in the town of Eldon for another 100 years.

History of 101 Maple and Eldon Drug

The history of 101 Maple in Eldon, Missouri, is closely tied to two significant establishments in the town's development - the Bank of Eldon and the Eldon Drug Store. In 1894, the Bank of Eldon was founded by R.S. Harvey, who also built the building that would house the bank on the corner of First and Maple Streets. This was a crucial milestone for Eldon, which until then lacked a proper financial institution. Harvey was a respected figure in the community, having held important state offices and worked tirelessly for the town's betterment. He was also a key player in promoting good road infrastructure and was a member of the finance committee for both campaigns for Missouri road bond issues.


On the top floor of the Bank of Eldon building, Dr. J.W. Temple opened Eldon Drug Company in the same year. The store quickly became a staple in the community, providing essential pharmacy services to the growing town. The building's convenient location on the corner of two main streets made it an ideal spot for both the bank and the drug store. Dr. Temple also had a telephone switchboard in his office and store, which was a modern convenience for the time.

Over the years, both the bank and the drug store changed hands. In the 1980s, CB Whitney sold the Eldon Drug Store to Dennis Bond, who owned it for 30 years. Miranda Henley, who had worked for Eldon Drug since high school, purchased the pharmacy from Bond in 2013 and continues to operate it as a hometown pharmacy serving the community. Eldon Drug Store has been a staple in the community for over 100 years, providing retail pharmacy, long-term care pharmacy, compounding, medical equipment, and a gift shop. It continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of the Eldon community, with the hope of serving the town for another century.


Today, the building at 101 Maple is a landmark in Eldon, serving as a testament to the town's growth and progress over the years. The stone at the top of the building still bears the name of R.S. Harvey, the man who helped bring Eldon into its own as a thriving community.